VoIP Innovations Setup Guide

  1. Login to VoIP Innovations Backoffice at https://backoffice.voipinnovations.com/Login.aspx
  2. On the main menu, click the “Add-Ons” section.
  3. From the Add-Ons page, click the “API Users” menu option.
  4. Under the “Add New API Login” form, you must create two entries with the same username and password, but each with the following IPs:,
  5. Once you have created the username / password entries successfully, you can enter those details into your Textable profile.
  6. Next, you must configure your inbound messages to Textable. To do this, click the “DIDs” page on the main menu.
  7. Next, choose the “Manage DIDs” option.
  8. Under “DID Management”, click the edit icon to edit the number details.
  9. For the “SMS” dropdown, select “POST”.
  10. For the “SMS URL”, enter https://inbound.textable.app/receive?provider=voipinnovations
  11. Click “Save Changes”
  12. You should now enter in the DID that you configured along with the API username and Password into your Textable user profile.

That’s it, you should now be able to send and receive messages with VoIP Innovations!

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