BulkVS Setup Guide

Login to BulkVS Portal at https://portal.bulkvs.com/login.php

Create Webhooks

Once logged in, click on the “Messaging” dropdown on the main menu and click the “Messaging Webhooks” menu item.

Next, under “Message Webhooks”, enter “Textable” for Trunk Group. Enter https://inbound.textable.app/receive?provider=bulkvs for “Message URL”.

Click “Add”.

Once you’ve added the webhook, click on it in the table below the form you just submitted. This will bring up the edit detail view where you should set “Delivery Receipt” to “false” as we do not currently support deliverability receipts. We are actively working implementing deliverability receipts for each carrier that we work with.

Copy API Credentials

Next, click the “API” dropdown on the main menu and click the “API Credentials” menu item.

Under “API Information – REST API”, please copy the API Username and Password from the BulkVS portal into your Textable profile as “API Key” and “API Secret” respectively.

Assign Webhooks to Number(s)

For any number that you would like to use with Textable, you should assign the Webhooks by clicking on “Inbound” dropdown on the main menu and clicking “DIDs – Manage”

Click on the number that you wish to assign. 

On the number details page, make sure that “SMS” and “MMS” are enabled (Note: BulkVS will show a “Disable” button if the number is already enabled) and the “Messaging Webhook” is set to the one you created.

Finally, make sure that you have copied your API credentials and entered in a phone number into your Textable profile and save the changes.

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