Commio / ThinQ / Teli Setup Guide

  1. After signing in to Textable and selecting an account type, you should login to your Fractel Dashboard ( in a new tab so that you can easily copy / paste into the Add or Edit User form on Textable.
  2. First, copy and paste your “Account ID” and “Username” from your Thinq profile into Textable by clicking on the three dot menu on the top right of the dashboard and click “My Profile.”
  3. Next, you need to create an API key Thinq API by navigating to “API” dropdown menu in Thinq and selecting the “Tokens” page.
  4. Click “Add Token +” button to open the form.
  5. Enter “Textable” in the “Name” field.
  6. Set “SMS Status” to “Send” and choose “Off” for all other settings.
  7. Once you’ve created an API Token, you can paste that into the “API Token” field on Textable.
  8. Expand the “Messaging” dropdown menu and click “IP Allow List”.
  9. Enter the following IPs into the “IP Allow List.”
    Private Label: If you are a private label customer, you will need to request this from support by e-mailing
  10. Next, click the “Message Settings” in the “Messaging” dropdown menu to complete the routing configuration of Textable.
    Note: This setting applies to all numbers on the affected account. If you would like to set this individually, you can utilize the “Custom Inbound Message URLs” section to do so.
  11. Set both the Delivery Confirmation URL and Inbound Message URL field to “”.
    Note: If you are a private label customer, please replace “” with your private label hostname (e.g. “”). You should have received this value in your onboarding e-mail, but can also be requested by e-mailing

    For the “Delivery Notification Format” setting, please select JSON.

    For the “Attachment Type” setting, please select URL.
  12. Enter the phone number (from your Thinq account) that you would like to use in Textable.
  13. Click “Add User” or “Save User Details” (on Textable) to save the configuration.

    That’s it, you should now be able to use Thinq and Textable.



Textable is a messaging platform for VoIP phone numbers used by individuals, businesses and Managed Service Providers. 

Textable is a product of VoIPCX