Configure with Textable

Configuring your account with Textable is pretty simple and should only take a few minutes.

Add New User to Textable

  1. First, complete all required field details like name, e-mail and organization.
  2. Next, enter the hostname to your instance. Do not include https:// as that is assumed.
  3. Enter the Account ID from your instance into the Add User form.
  4. Enter the phone number that you would like to assign to this user.

Next, we must setup for Authentication, Webhooks and ensure that the number we want to use with Textable is enabled for SMS and MMS.

Setup Authentication

  1. Login to your instance and navigate to the “Authentication” app. (If not installed, install the app.)
  2. Navigate to “Authentication” > API Key Authentication tab and click “Copy to Clipboard” from the API Key Value and paste into the Textable field and click Save.

Configure Webhooks in

  1. Next, we have to configure the webhooks for Textable to receive incoming messaging.
  2. Navigate to “Webhooks”. (Install Webhooks app if it is not installed.)
  3. Click “New Webhook”.
  4. Set “Hook Name” to “Textable SMS”
  5. Select “SMS” as the “Trigger Event”
  6. Select “POST” for “Request Type”
  7. Enter “”
  8. Repeat steps 3 through 7 for “MMS” Trigger Event, replacing “SMS” with MMS. (e.g. Trunk Name: “Textable MMS”)

Enable Numbers for SMS / MMS in

  1. To ensure that a number is enabled for SMS and MMS in, navigate to the “Number Manager” and click the gear icon next to the number you would like to configure to open the dropdown menu.
  2. Click on the “Messaging” option.
  3. Ensure that the “SMS Services” and “MMS Services” toggle is on.
  4. Click “Save Changes”

That’s it, switch to the conversation tab and should be able to send and receive messages!



Textable is a messaging platform for VoIP phone numbers used by individuals, businesses and Managed Service Providers. 

Textable is a product of VoIPCX