Configure with Textable

Note: If you are using a newly added phone number or carrier account or have had messaging stop working unexpectedly, please make sure you have completed your carrier's 10DLC registration process before attempting to utilize Textable. 10DLC registration is required by ALL supported carriers due to the requirements set by the wireless carriers. 

Configuring your account with Textable is pretty simple and should only take a few minutes.

  1. When configuring your Textable profile or adding a new user, choose “” in the provider dropdown.
  2. Next, open a new browser tab and login to your Control Panel at
  3. Navigate to the “My Messaging” page.
  4. If you haven’t purchased Messaging-enabled numbers, please follow the instructions to contact Support.  If you already have Messaging-enabled numbers, please proceed to the next step. 
  5. Click “API Keys” button to launch the API Key modal.
  6. Click “Create New API Key” and enter “Textable” as the name and click “Create”.
  7. Copy the Access and Secret Key and paste them into Textable. Once you close this modal, you will not be able to retrieve this again and will need to revoke or update the key. Note: Be careful when “updating” existing keys as existing accounts or apps utilizing those keys will break.
  8. After pasting in your details, enter in the phone number that you would like to utilize in Textable.
  9. Click “Add New User” or “Save User Details” on Textable.
  10. In the tab, you now need to configure the Messaging Webhooks.
  11. Click “Webhooks” button to open the Webhooks modal.
  12. Click “Create New Webhook” button.
  13. Enter URL:
  14. Enter Description: Textable
  15. Click “Create”
  16. Finally, you must assign the DIDs you wish to use with Textable to the webhook that was just created.
  17. Locate the DID in the table and select the Textable webhook from the dropdown. A confirmation modal should appear to confirm assignment.
  18. You should now be able to start messaging with your phone number on Textable! You can confirm functionality by starting a new conversation in the Conversations screen of Textable.


Textable is a messaging platform for VoIP phone numbers used by individuals, businesses and Managed Service Providers. 

Textable is a product of VoIPCX